Hurrah! I have ordered seeds for my garden after an interesting toad moment this morning. After doing a few laps at the pool I got out into my garden for a poke around (having neglected it to the ravages of grass, which is growing maddeningly quickly in all this rain) to find I had an uber huge sweet potato just below the soil's surface! Oh the delight, the raptures I went into thinking of recipes I could make. On further inspection, it seems a foul toad had dug its way under the potato, making a burrow which let in all sorts of chewy insects and mildew. The potato was entirely lost! I dug it back into the soil, after seeing Mr Toad off in the direction of neighbour's garden, and picked some chillies instead. They have been hanging there like fat little lipsticks for a week or more.

Northey St City Farm: What I wish my garden looked like
So I'm mending the error of my laziness. I've just been on seeds2freedom buying all sorts of vege seed (I'm even going to try my hand at beans!). It's entirely wonderful having a garden, and I put so much work into creating a vegie patch in the last two years that I really ought to go enjoy myself in it. There shall be summer garden parties with Pims and dear friends, and we will sing to my beans to make them grow!

On another exciting note, I threw down my beetroot seeds which I got from the dollar shop, into a couple of pots a few weeks ago, and they're seeding! I thought after sitting on my bookshelf for so many months they must have given up the will to live, but no! They've got hutzpa!
Anyway, I'm very interested in getting some heirloom varieties of veg. Who do you use to source your seeds? Do you swap seeds with friends? And did you know it's bad form to say 'thank you' if someone gives you a plant? Jinxes the plant apparently. All these mad facts and more are in my current read 'Animal Vegetable Miracle' by Barbara Kingsolver.

Be well over Christmas, and spare a thought for where and how your turkey or ham has been farmed.
xoxo, Snake