On Thursday night my seeds from Freedom2Seed arrived, and hurrah, hurrah! They've sent me some free extra seeds. I  dreamt of expanding my vegie patch last night just so I can fit all my veg in! I have beetroot seedlings coming up, more parsley than I could ever hope to transform into tabbouleh, and tomatoes beating a path to the sky as fast as children climbing rope ladders! I have just finished making Belinda Jeffrey's parmesan crisps with chilli avocado for my parents to take to their boxing day party, and I'm getting settled in for a long day of lazing and writing after a busy year. My uncle has caught 5 Brim from the deck, so we're thinking we'll try a Jamie Oliver recipe tonight of Pan seared fillets with herbs, capers, butter and wet polenta. There'll be more interesting articles on food politics, sustainable living, sustainable technology and all that jazz in the new year, I give you my promise as a snake, but for now, this snake has gone into hibernation mode for a few days. Hope everyone had a safe and relaxing holiday.
xoxo Snake