Here are some of the great places and suppliers where you can get organic food and ethical stuff!

Food Delivery 

Food Connect
My absolute favourite has to be Food Connect which delivers boxes of in-season fruit and veg to friendly neighbours where you can go and pick up your week's worth of food. It supports local farmers, they use less packaging, you're eating what's in season and they take farm tours too! Food Connect is not necessarily organic.

Brisbane Organic Delivery
I've just tried these guys in 2015 as I'm stuck between two neighbourhood delivery spots for Food Connect and have no car to go and pick up my box. They are great - next day delivery. Super tasty organic food. Brisbane Organic Delivery are located in Rocklea, Brisbane's veggie hub and have not only food and veg boxes but also dairy, meat and groceries (ie. soy milk etc). You also get the option of whether or not to add a donation for Save the Bilby or Tear Australia to create an organic garden.

Organic and Health Food Supermarkets

Fundies Organics
Fundies Paddington

Awesome for cosmetics, all your gluten free flours, nuts and beans and coffee and stuff you can bag up yourself if you're trying for a plastic free life. Fundies Organics is also great for coffee and inventive salads. Seriously, I've got so much inspiration for making roast veg and Moroccan salads from eating at this place (Paddington, 219 Given Tce).

Wray Organic
Go for a cycle over the bridge from Graceville to Indooroopilly and you'll find Wray Organic, a great place for a coffee, or to pick up a Bokashi bin, do your organic shop, bag your own (nuts, lentils, all the flours), and pick up some organic, Sodium Laureth Sulfate free shampoo and conditioner. (Indooroopilly, 14 Lambert Rd) & (Newmarket, 110 Ennoggera Rd) .

This place kicks ass. Flannery's Natural Groceries has all those weird liquid vitamins you can't find anywhere else, check, bamboo underpants, check, chemical free cleaning products check, sourdoughs and of course, fill your own bags with nuts, grains, flours and tasty tasty chocolate coated fruits. They are open Mon-Fri 9-6pm, Saturdays 9-5pm and Sunday 10-4pm.  (52 Annerley Rd Woolongabba), (Corner Rode & Webster Roads, Chermside), (Shop 5/1 Bryants Road Loganholme) & (2021 Wynnum Road).

Vive Organic Food and Health 
This is an organic supermarket attached to a natural therapies clinic staffed by naturopaths and nutritionists. They have eco-cookware and gluten free stuff.  ( 36 Riding Rd Hawthorne).

Just Earth Fairtrade
This a project of Spiral Community Hub.Just Earth Fairtrade in West End has fairtrade accessories, bags, shoes, chocolate, seeds, soap, sports balls, stationary, tea & coffee, homewares, cleaning products, musical instruments, t-shirts etc. (24 Vulture St, West End).

Other Providers

We all know we need to eat less meat to help drop emissions, but for those who aren't vegetarians or vegans can do their bit by buying local and organic.

Allsop & England Organic Meats 
You can get every kind of meat from these guys, including smoked ham and bacons, turkeys, ducks, goat and some things recommended in the cookbook Frugavore like offal! You can also order online from them here. (297 Old Cleveland Rd, Coorparoo ).

Sherwood Road Organics
Sherwood Road OrganicsMy friends have purchased a deep freezer just so they can buy bulk organic meats from these guys. So you know it's good! Also Sherwood Road Organics has the stuff like goat and mutton that's hard to find in some more conventional butchers.

The Meat-ing Place
This place is an organic meat store in Paddington Central shopping centre. The Meat-ing Place  also has an adjacent cafe and deli that sells organic produce and products.

Barambah Organics - Barambah do milk, yoghurt, creams, butter and boy do they do it well! You'll find them used in a few coffee shops around Brisbane. You can buy it from Ashgrove Fresh at Ashgrove, Caltex Woolongabba, Clayfield Harvest Fruit and Veg, Clayfield Market Fresh, Farm Fresh Organics Rocklea, Flour Power Highgate Hill, Foodworks stores, Paddington Fresh Central, Fruity Capers Deli Toowong, Fundamental Food stores, Garden of Eden Chermside, Green Oven Cafe Alderly, Hand Made Naturals Highgate Hill, Heinz Butcher Woolongabba, IGA supermarkets.

I'd also like to draw your attention to Adbusters 'Buy Nothing Day' campaign, and where better than here, our 'Where to Buy' page?! As they say on their website, "There is only one sure way to stop catastrophic climate change: we, the rich one billion people on the planet, have to consume less!" - so pick a day to buy nothing, see if you can do it. Go on, be a frugavore!