Below are some resources from incredible gardeners around Brisbane making a difference in the food sovereignty fight!

Blogs & Groups

Your Yard - everything from keeping native bees (including 3D printing of honey super which is just the coolest thing I've ever seen), to productivity tips to get the most from your garden space and breeding snails for food. Just brilliant stuff! The blog is run by Lissa, who you'll also find over at...

The Brisbane Food Ning - a hive of people working on their own gardens and each other's to create local food. 

Spur Topia - is the blog of Roman and Jana Spur who are well known around Brisbane for creating a food forest in their rental house. Roman delivers workshops on the many facets of gardening and sustainable living which can be found here

Places to Buy

Stingless Beehives at Bee Yourself! One of the downsides of being a renter and a rabid bee fan is that I can't keep a bee hive - it wouldn't be fair to the bees moving them around year to year. But if you're pretty settled and have time to do things like split hives when they become too massive - here's a place you can get your native bees (as well as literature on bee keeping)!

For natives, especially flowering and fruiting varieties, I'm a huge fan of Fairhill Native Plants and Botanic Gardens at the Sunshine Coast - it's a beautiful place to visit just for a coffee amongst the incredibly diverse bush. It has a huge variety of grevillias, and also has a small but very helpful bookstore where you can grab pamphlets on such intricate gardening topics as how to grow and strike natives. Visit in Spring, you won't be disappointed!


The Humus of Life
So if you're a young gardener who's just starting out, you may have missed out on the permaculture movement which I experienced as a kid in the early 90s. If this is the case, you may not know about the wonders of humus (or homemade organic linseed slice, but that's another story for another time). And no, it's not that stuff that's made of chickpeas and lemon juice you numpty, it's the lifeblood of your soil! If you're trying to grow anything from veg to flowers, humus is what will keep your soil sustainable and alive! Humus is the result of the breakdown of organic material by those lovely little worms and micro-organisms who live in soil, and it helps to hold nutrients and water in soil, which is good news for your plants! If you aren't replenishing the organic matter in your soil, then  you'll end up working with dead soil and wonder why all your loverley vegies have suddenly turned the colour of poo and died. Whatever you do, if this happens, do not tip a bunch of chemicals onto your soil, because it's much healthier (for you and the little wormies and micro-organisms) if you simply add organic matter back into the soil. This can be leaf rakings (if anyone still rakes their lawn. I do, but only because I have a tree who likes to shake itself like a wet dog over my tiny patch of garden), or cow or chicken poo, coffee grounds, and the best one COMPOST!
Compost is the Zeus of gardening. Compost goes around, fertilising everything and its dog as though it were the...well, the father of the Gods...that metaphor worked better in my head...
I have a weensy garden (because, after all, this is Brisbane, and we're all pressed for space), and a weensy kitchen, and an even weensier gap between my house and the next, so a big old compost bin wasn't really an option for me (more's the pity...there's nothing more exciting than pitchforking around in a pile of rotting vegetable peelings and hay...and if you think I'm being facetious,  you haven't tried this activity!). So I got myself a Bokashi bin from Biome, trained my housemates to throw their foodscraps (meat, paper, everything) into it, threw some of the weird magical powder that comes with it on top and shut the lid. Bob's your Uncle, the thing spits out humus juice! From a tap! There's not a lot of hands on, which suits most people just dandy! and you stick the nice fermented juice in with a bit of water, and water humus right back into the garden! When the bin fills up, you can dig all the goodness into your vege patch when it's time for a replanting...genius, no?
Happy gardening. xo
(References: Better Homes and Gardens Organic Gardening, by Roger Mann, Murdoch Books, 2007)


For Gardeners without gardens
Community garden are a wonderful way to get your hands in the dirt and on some vegies if you live in an apartment or high rise or just have crappy soil.
You can find all of the community gardens on the Brisbane City Council website & below:

List of community gardens

Acacia RidgeAcacia Ridge Community Garden
21 Hanify Street
Phone Community Development Officer: 07 3277 4893
Bald Hills Bald Hills State School Bush Tucker Garden
2156 Gympie Road
Phone Lousie Brennan: 07 3261 1554
BanyoBanyo Community Garden
37 Hilltop Place
Email Linda Read: Banyo Community Garden
BrightonNashville State School - Garden of Promise
186 Baskerville Street
Phone Sue-Anne Sheppard: 07 3869 7333
Bulimba Bulimba State School
261 Oxford Street
Phone Philip Young: 07 3395 6666
CarinaCarina PCYC
27 Narracott Street
Email Stacey: Carina PCYC
CarindaleBulimba Creek Catchment Coordinating Committee
1358-1368 Old Cleveland Road
Email Sue Akeroyd: Bulimba Creek Catchment Coordinating Committee
Chermside Burnie Brae, Kuran Street Community Garden
60 Kuran Street
Phone Jenny Vernez: 07 3624 2103
Chermside West Crossroads Community Garden
91 Maundrell Terrace
Phone Peter Bill: 07 3256 4466
CoorparooCoorparoo Community Garden
15 York Street
Email Yvonne: Coorparoo Community Garden
DeagonGreen P Community Garden (PCYC)
106 Kempster Road
Phone Mike or Meg: 07 3269 9046 or 0413 119 956 or email: Green P Community Garden
East BrisbaneThe Pocket Community Garden
Corner Preston Street and Maynard Street
Email Clytie: The Pocket Community Garden
GeebungDelaware Street Community Gardens
46 Delaware Street
Phone Matt: 07 3633 0204 or email: Delaware Street Community Gardens
Geebung Special School
69 Buhot Street East
Phone Peter Blatch: 07 3632 1777
GracevilleGraceville/Sherwood Community Garden
79 Waratah Avenue
Email Garth Stephens: Graceville/Sherwood Community Garden
Highgate Hill Paradise Street Community Garden
33 Paradise Street
Phone the Spiral Community Hub: 07 3844 7733
Holland ParkSeville Road State School Food Forest
86 Roscoe Street
Phone Jenny Watson: 07 3347 6111
Holland Park West Mt Gravatt West Special School
49 Nursery Road
Phone Tanya Michel: 07 3308 6333
InalaInala Community Garden (Spiritus Early Parent Centre)
105 Poinsettia Street
Phone Bernadette Pitman: 07 3723 6633
Kelvin GroveKelvin Grove Community Garden
48 Blamey Street
Phone Helen Strait: 0427 599 106 or email: Kelvin Grove Community Garden
Kenmore Kenmore South State School
16 Kersley Road
Phone Scott Curtis: 07 3327 0888
LotaBethania Street Community Garden
38 Bethania Street
Phone: 0401 462 000 or email: Wynnum Manly Community Garden
MansfieldMansfield State School
174 Ham Road
Phone Leanne Ford: 07 3421 3888
Moorooka Koala Park Community Garden
108 Vandal Avenue
Phone Josh Griffiths: 07 3342 4356 or email: Koala Park Community Garden
Moorooka State School
282 Beaudesert Road
Phone Kerry Powell: 07 3426 5333
MorningsideMorningside Beelarong Community Farm (York Street Park)
Corner York Street and Beverley Street
Email: Morningside Beelarong Community Farm
Morningside State School
67 Pashen Street
Phone Stephanie Cavernett: 07 3908 2333 
New FarmNew Farm State School
189 Heal Street
Phone Virginia O'Neill: 07 3358 7333
Norman ParkNorman Park State School
78 Agnew Street
Phone Mary Stuhmcke: 07 3399 2777
PullenvaleBrisbane Independent School
2447 Mogill Road
Phone Michelle Bland or Angel Waters: 07 3378 5466
Runcorn Kyabra Community Garden
Kyabra Street
Phone John: 0412 058 701 or email: Kyabara Community Garden
Runcorn Heights State School
202 Nemies Road
Phone Doug Seib: 07 3711 8333
SandgateSandbag Community Garden
153 Rainbow Street
Phone Paula Eveans: 07 3869 3244
Seventeen Mile Rocks Rocks Riverside Park Community Garden
5 Counihan Road (via Jamboree Ward Office)
Phone Ed Parker: 07 3407 7000
South BrisbaneSt Mary's Community Orchard
20 Merivale Street
Phone Jonathon Gregory: 0421 797 270  
StaffordSt Clements Church Garden
14 Eudunda Street
Phone Mary Florence, Carol Defries or Linda Maher: 07 3356 4300
SunnybankSunnybank State High School
96 Turton Street
Phone Gregory Bergel: 07 3323 8111
The GapBalaangala Indigenous Food, Craft and Medicinal Garden
98 Yoorala Street
Email Michelle Peile: Balaangala Indigenous Food Garden
Yoorala Street Community Garden
98 Yoorala Street
Email Colin Peile: Yoorala Street Community Garden
Toowong Vera Street Community Garden
78 Bywong Street (access via Vera Street)
Phone Naomi Waldron: 0427 184 993
Upper BrookfieldUpper Brookfield State School
496 Upper Brookfield Road
Phone Julie Williams: 0403 952 930
Upper Mt GravattGrow for Life - Abbeville Street Community Garden
41 Abbeville Street
Email Max Van Vught: Abbeville Street Community Garden
West EndJane Street Community Garden
Davies Park, Jane Street
Phone: 0432 178 352 or email Jane Street Community Garden
WindsorNorthey Street City Farm - Northey Street Park
54 Northey Street
Phone Emma Davey: 07 3857 8775  
WooloowinKedron State High School
34 Park Road
Phone Chrissie Coogan: 07 3630 3344 
ZillmereZillmere State School
70 Murphy Road
Phone Janet Bannah: 07 3863 8333