Just wanted to point out a few really great Food articles by bloggers this week.

'Beyond Porkwashing' by Twilight Greenaway can be found on Grist and reports McDonald's move to stop using 'gestation crates' for pigs, but without committing to a timeline, and about another food supply company, BAMCO who have.
 'Unlike many of the sea changes we hear about within today’s food companies, which are often spurred by consumer demand, BAMCO has a tendency to be more progressive than its customers. (Taking hamburgers off the menu on Low Carbon Diet Day and reducing beef purchasing by one-third are probably not the kinds of things you would do solely to please an American customer base, for instance.) (Grist)'

There's also a neat little debate about an organics report in the US and the reasons the USDA is an 'uncomfortable host' for the National Organics Program between Marion Nestle's blog  Food Politics and Jim Prevor's blog The Perishable Pundit.It's great to see two people agreeing to disagree respectfully and open mindedly!

And a great post about the EPA in the US preparing to release the Dioxin assessment, 20 years in the making, only to be greeted by Agriculture lobby groups who say the report will scare the crap out of people. Michele Simon at Appetite for Profit makes the rather salient point that it is better to scare the crap out of people than for all those people to have cancer...touche.
Food Safety News gives a post-report-release run down on the EPA assessment and how different groups are interpreting it.