My beautiful friend has announced that for Christmas he's going to build me a balcony garden. Or at least, this is our holiday project we will work on together. I am now hastily pulling out all the Seeds2Freedom seeds I bought last year before I moved house, and am scouring the web for ways to create self-watering pots (so I don't leave marks on my rented balcony, and because they are suited to our water-sucking Brisbane environment).

And I've found some beauties, which I've gathered for you here...

This woman has worked out her own self-watering pot for desert climates (so it has a large reservoir capable of storing more water) out of a storage container and some large water's idiot proof! The thing I like about this is that it is using mostly recycled stuff, which won't necessarily last forever but will be readily available in recycle bins!

This one's kind of cool, the 'Phytopod' made in Oakland in the US. They make the Phytopod out of burlap bags. The watering system is made out of recycled rubber. Unfortunately he doesn't reveal how the watering system works - fair enough, the guy has to make a living...but Oakland is a little far for me to ship a garden...particularly when I am trying to live more locally.

This one blows my mind for the sheer awesomeness of design. It's a very aesthetically pleasing hydroponic system. Looks like it would work curled around a staircase balustrade...If I had a more permanent residence, I think I'd be keen to try this one if only for herbs and lettuces.

I love this guy's idea of using those restaurant sized mayo and olive containers to plant in. This allows for a deep root system for plants that need it, and underground plants like potatoes and carrots etc.

Brainstorm time!

Have a safe and happy and green holiday, all!