We're baaaaaaack! After a holiday hiatus we're back into blogging!
 Snails and I sat down last week together and watched a fantastic film called Bamako - which anyone interested in social justice, international politics and the economics of Aid should watch. It's compelling viewing and is a really beautifully made film (in my humble opinion). Its premise is this: "African civil society representatives have initiated proceedings against the world's financial institutions (the World Bank and the IMF) whom they blame for Africa's woes. The witnesses, ranging from unemployed workers to writers, attack the legal representatives of the financial institutions who in turn defend their organisations." (IMDB)

In other news...
There's a great article in the Age this week about the Sustainable Living festival happening at the moment in Melbourne. Michael Reynolds, the 'Garbage Warrior' of the eponymous 2007 documentary, is speaking there this Sunday about his sustainable home 'the Earthship'. The festival ends on Sunday, but what a fabulous idea for a festival - to celebrate and educate about carbon reduction achievements! Of course Kosta and Vasili are there handing out gardening and sustainability tips, and there was a whole score of utterly fantastic panels in the program. All that and 200 exhibitors: it sounds exactly like the type of 'market place' we need! We are so very jealous of you Melbourne!
On the SLF website you can find podcasts of Beyond Zero speaking with David Suzuki and a great list of films they are showing, but which Brisbaneites might be able to find their way to viewing as well (especially the more available ones like Bag It, and No Impact Man). There's a pedal-powered film event, too!

But wait, there's more! You can also have a look at how the event itself is sustainable, and how to do it yourself if you're planning an eco-friendly event!
Take a look at this link for info: Sustainable Events Planner