I must say this at least twice a day, but seriously, a lighbulb pot?
That's like, the coolest thing ever! I'm kind of keen to make one myself, since it's all made of recyclables. Made me think of what I could do with all my other glass bottles and objects! There are some great examples of lightbulb recycling - like this vid for creating hanging vases !
I've also read up on other lighbulb crafts, some of which are seriously nobby - like painting a santa face on it and sticking it on your Christmas tree, and some of which I'd actually contemplate doing:
  • Make an aquarium! Don't look at me like that, I'm not going to stick a fully grown Groper in a lighbulb - just a tetra or some other tiny fish that would probably otherwise be bought to be fed to a larger fish...Wrapping wire around the base of the bulb allows you to hang it up apparently, because everyone knows fish like to hang around.
  • Use them to house seedlings as they grow...how freakin' cool would it look to have a row of little lightbulbs upside down in a pot with seedlings growing out the top....it'll keep them toasty and moist while they grow...