Tomorrow Snail is starting her garden. It will be delicious...but not for a while...Keep watching this space for photos of Snail's garden venture. Kudos to her for planning to keep rotating beds and compost heaps - "organic fertilizer...absorbs and sequesters carbon more effectively (1)" than chemically produced ones.
Did you know that small farm culture is a lot safer for the environment because of the historical knowledges which are advantageous for keeping nutrients in soils? And that large conglomerate farms produce diseconomies of scale, that is, though they have larger amounts of space, and only produce one crop, their yeild is comparatively smaller per unit area because of inefficient usages of resources and loss of soil nutrients (1).

1) McMichael, P. 2008, 'The Peasant as 'Canary'?' Development 51 (4) 504-511